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BIOGRAPHY-Artist statement


Suzanne Oswald is a retired art teacher with over 34 years of teaching high school. She has been working in glass surface design for over 20 years. She was introduced to  sandblasting glass by Robert Blanchard and found her "one thing".   "Glass has become the canvas for my visual imagery. Through the dirt and scratches, the forms "talk to me" allowing me to visualize what I consider to be the design that unites/ marries with that form. The design inspirations are limitless, organic, geometric, abstract, figurative or historical, they are personal and always evolving.  Working mainly with found glass, vintage and often damaged, there are times when I work to repair the imperfections and times when I embrace the history of a piece and allow its journey to become part of my design. Each becomes as unique, as is the cold working application. This is my reverence for glass artisans of the past, to save, up-cycle and apply my designs to their original forms. The history and biography of the makers is researched with every piece of glass in an effort to understand its origins. Glass, twenty years of personal evolution, love, and admiration." Caricature by Jacob Greenawalt former student

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