The Process

 The main technique used in these engravings is sand blasting, although an alternate abrasive media is used. Sketches are drawn for each piece of glass with a series of design ideas, the most ideal design is selected for the final work. The glass is then wrapped with a blast resist stencil, which is a skill set within itself. The preferred designs is hand drawn onto the stencil and each phase of blasting is cut with an x-acto knife to be removed before the blast.  The reverse of this technique can also be utilized by cutting shapes from the stencil material and applying them to the glass form creating a reversal of values.

Blasting or etching is done in stages that can number from one to as high as five, to achieve the desired values. Thus creating a very detailed and layered design. 

After the final blasting, the remaining resist is removed and the glass is washed completing the process. The stencil cannot be reused. 

The full process has taken more than 20 hours of work for the more detailed and complex designs.

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