Suzanne Oswald  Glass Engraver/Etcher

Kutztown based glass engraver Suzanne has been honing her glass engraving skills since 2004. After obtaining her BS in Art Education, she taught high school for over 34 years during which time her student co-op teacher introduced her to media blasting glass. Upon retiring, she began full time designing and engraving found glass forms in her studio. Suzanne’s design inspirations are as eclectic as her education and interests. In addition to her college degree her education has included Master’s credits from Kutztown University and Western Carolina University, and additional classes at Penland School of Craft, Snow Farm New England Craft School, Art Institute of Pittsburg, Antonelli Institute, Bam School of Art, Goggleworks Center for the Arts, Banana Factory, College for Creative Studies- Detroit, University of the Arts and the Corning Museum of Glass. She is a dedicated life long student, believing that art is a journey of constant experimentation and learning.

Artist Statement:

Immediately smitten when introduced to media blasted glass, Suzanne felt she had found her artistic voice through the glass forms, or canvases, that she seeks out and often salvages. Her design process includes several drawings that study the glass form as she strives to make the design an integral part of the glass and not an accessory. The lengthy process will often require several stages of blasting to achieve the desired values, and when the design and form mesh it becomes an organic transformative marriage. Ever searching, ever evolving, ever growing.





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Suzanne Oswald